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Sunday, November 27, 2011

How I scored 10 products for $.11

So black friday at CVS was AMAZING!! Especially since I planned my transactions so that I could make the ECB's work for me (see previous post). Well when I went shopping for my mom she had $18.xx in ECBs left over! So imagine how excited I was when I saw that Tide was a part of the promotion get a $10 gift card when you spend $30!

4 Tide $5.94 use $2/1 Q  making them $3.94 each
6 Air Freshners $.99 use $2/2 making them $0

So my total was $29.70 before coupons and this particular store rounded up so I was able to get the giftcard!
My total after coupons was $15.76 which I paid for using ECBs and only paid $.11 + tax! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

How to make your store rewards work for you:

So when I was showing my hubby my pictures from yesterday's shopping trip he wanted to know if i really only paid $4 for all i bought, I tried to explain the formula him then I realized someone else may need this information so here we go!

I went to rite aid and picked up 2 universal remotes, 4 Dove deodorants, and 2 packs of hairbows. 
Here is how I did it:

Transaction #1: 
Remote $5 get $5 back

Transaction #2:
Remote $5 get $5 back: I paid for this remote with the $5 I received from the first transaction so I only had to pay tax

Transaction #3:
2 Deodorants $4 get $2 back wyb 2
1 pack of hair bows $1.99 get $1.99 back
total $5.99; use $5 from previous transaction pay $.99 cash

Transaction #4:
2 Deodorants $4 get $2 back wyb 2
1 pack of hair bows $1.99 get $1.99 back
total $5.99; use $3.99 from previous transaction pay $2 cash
since there are no more transactions I am taking home $3.99 in +Up rewards

so here is the formula:
OOP I spent $7.99 and I still have $3.99 in store rewards so it is recorded as paying $4 for everything!
If you begin with store rewards your OOP would be lower.

Since the key to making your rewards work for you is more transactions, here are a few rules I abide by:
1. no more than 4 transactions per visit
2. if someone is waiting behind me let them checkout before me or between transactions depending on when   
   they arrive
3. be organized and quick
4. always thank the cashier for their kindness and patience~ This means alot to them and even if they are rude 
    my parents always told me to kill em with kindness

Thursday, November 24, 2011

For all the loyal tide fans out there (mommy this is for you!)

Starting Sunday CVS will have their Tide on sale for $5.94; if you still have the $2/1 coupon from P&G (insert or facebook promo) you can score them for $3.94 each. That in and of itself is a good deal for tide but here is where the pot gets hotter: It is part of the $10ECB wyb $30 promotion!!
The $30 is before coupons so here are 2 breakdowns you can do:

Buy 6 jugs of tide (4 in transaction 1 and 2 in transaction 2 per the wording on P&G coupons) total will be $35.64 before coupons! apply 6 of the $2/1 coupons and your OOP drops to $23.64!

CVS tracks your spending so even though you are doing 2 transactions you will still get the $10 ECB

Don't want to pay that much OOP? Do this transaction:
Buy 5 jugs of tide (4 in transaction 1 and 1 in transaction 2 per the wording on P&G coupons)total will be $29.70 before coupons~ It has been my experience that they do not round up so also included in the deal are glade products, so I would pick up a $.99 air freshener, bringing my total to $30.69 before coupons! apply 5 of the $2/1 coupons and your OOP drops to $20.69!

UPDATE: while you're at it pick up 2 of the $.99 Glade products b/c  on the CVS website there is a coupon for $2/2 on ANY glade product! so your OOP would now be $19.70 and you're getting 1 additional product! 

Check out the ad to see other items that are included in the promotion

disclaimer: this ad is from a member of

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Publix Trip 11/10/11

So I have had 2 awesome Publix trips in a row: I didn't take pics and forgot to post about my trip last week (sorry) but here are some of the awesome deals I got this week!

*Cream of chicken & mushroom BOGO $1.33    used $1/5 printable  =$.41 each

*Lucky Charms & Reeses Cereal BOGO $3.99   used $1/2 printable  =$1.50 each

*Domino Sugar $.99 used $.50/2   =$.49 each

*Ore Ida products $3.75 used yellow flyer coupon B2G1F & 3 $1/1 coupons  =$1.50 each

*Philadelphia Cooking Creme 2/$4 used $1/1 Q  =$1 each

*Progresso Broth BOGO $2.59  used 2 $.40/1 coupons  =$.49 each

*Idahoan Potatoes BOGO $1.33 used $1/1 coupon from facebook =3 products for $0 due to overage

*RAINCHECK ITEM*TGIF Single serve entrees BOGO $3.69  used $1/2 yellow flyer coupon & 2 $1/1 coupons =$.35 each

*RAINCHECK ITEM* Valley Fresh Steamers BOGO $2.89  used $.50/2 coupon  =$.95 each

*Ketchup 40 oz  on sale for $1.99 used $1/1 coupon =$.99 each

*Duncan Heinz Chocolate Cake $2.50 each used $1/1 coupon = $1.50

*Rice A Roni 2/$1.45 or $.73 each

*Dawn 24oz $2.49  used Publix stocking spree sheet $1/2 coupon & $.50 P&G= $.99 each

*Pam Spray 2/$5 used $.50/1 coupon  =$1.50 each