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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well it's here! Happy New Year

If you are reading this take a moment to thank God for bringing you to the new year. I know this is normally a time when people decide to better themselves and their circumstances but this year I challenge you to do so each day. When you fall don't wait until tomorrow, Monday or next year to start again, start a new in the next moment. I once heard a quote that said the only real time we have is now. We plan alot for the future and dwell alot on the past but the only time that is ours is NOW. Since hearing that I have truly been meditating on the deepness of that. I challenge you to do the same!

With the new year upon us what do you plan to do in your couponing life? Are you a member of Swagbucks? Recyclebank? SuperPoints? If not and you want to join check out the links below.

Swagbucks is a search engine much like Yahoo! or Google however while searching you have the chance of earning "bucks". You can also earn points from using their toolbar, watching videos, and playing games. Through the accumulation of "swagbucks" you can cash them in to earn cool prizes such as Paypal cash or Amazon e-cards. There is also an option to donate money to a charity of your choice!

I have heard about Recycle bank for a while but just joined last night and I love it already. You earn points by making pledges to be more eco friendly. Last night I made the pledge to take shorter showers and to turn off the water when shampooing my hair. These 2 pledges earned me 20 points. My goal is to earn enough points to redeem some cool, high value coupons! I am still new to this so join now and we can learn together!!

Check out this article for a better understanding of what Superpoints are and how it works

Here are 5 invites if you don't get one of these please let me know and i'll get you another one ASAP

I pray that this new year brings you greater savings and more deals! I love you all!! Let the New Year begin!! 
If there is anything you want to see 2KouponingKs do please shoot us an email and we will do our very best to accommodate or put you in touch with someone who does it!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coca Cola! The drink of the holiday season!

So I just read that there is a B4G1 Free coupon over at Target and their 2L Coke products are on sale 4/$5 so with the coupon you're getting 5/$5 that's a good price for 2L especially since my Target sells their 20oz drinks for $1.70!!

 Well to sweeten the deal if you want all Coke Zero drinks you can use the $.99/1 coupon I posted yesterday and complete the following scenario!

Get 5 Coke Zero 2L
use the Target coupon B4G1F
use 5 of the $.99/1 coupons

pay $.05 and get 5 drinks!

If you only have access to or can only use 4 coupons at your store your scenario will look like this:

Get 5 Coke products (4 of which must be Coke Zero)
use the Target coupon B4G1F
use 4 of the $.99/1 coupons

pay $1.04 and get 5 drinks! 

if you only have access to 2 of the coupons your scenario will look like this:

Get 5 Coke products (2 of which must be Coke Zero)
use the Target coupon B4G1F
use 2 of the $.99/1 coupons

pay $3.02 and get 5 drinks! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Target, how I'm growing to love thee!

Well last month I had a great trip to target with the curel deal. Earlier this week I went and for free Eucerin which works amazing on my super dry skin. Not to mention the awesome dollar section they have!
Well yesterday I went and did the target glade deal everyone is raving about but I switched around some coupons and paid $2.25 and got my $5 gc. I couldn't find the ad that would've given me 2 $5 gcs.

Nyc mail polish was $.94 and I had some $1/1 coupons. Eucerin and Nivea are less than $1 so I used the $1 coupons from the register automatically adjusted them. Then I got 5 of the scented oil twin packs which include a free warmer!! I used 4 $2/1 coupons from, 1 $1.50/3 Target coupon and 1 $.75/1 mq from a November insert.

**be aware the only ones ringing up $2.50 were the good boxes. The manager said she didn't know why so she gave me them all for $2.50 each!**

If u can get 5 of the $2/1 coupons and a Target coupon. Your total will be $1.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words...well actually $318.31

Today my couponing buddy and bestie since forever went shopping to get a "few things" lol well that few turned into 2 buggies full! Here are the totals & the breakdown from my trip!

Paid $109.70
Saved $208.61 
($99.79 in coupons & $108.82 with sale prices & my WD card)


Friday, December 9, 2011

Winn Dixie trip

So Monday was grocery day and I had to get meat which I sometimes dread lol but it worked out good. My grocery budget for the month is $143 and after this is have $69 back!
Here's what I got:
Croutons $.20 each
Salad $.50 a bag
Land o frost meat $.94 a pack
Butterball $2.50 a pack
Chilli $1.23 a can
Yogurt $.46 a piece
Chicken tenderloins $5 a bag
Shredded cheese $2.50 a bag
Green giant veggies $.34 a can
Random flavored water $1 each
Pasta sauce $1 each
     * normally wouldn't spend that     
         but I wanted to try it and
         thought that was pretty good
Biscuits $.75
Hormel compleats $1.50 each

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How I scored 10 products for $.11

So black friday at CVS was AMAZING!! Especially since I planned my transactions so that I could make the ECB's work for me (see previous post). Well when I went shopping for my mom she had $18.xx in ECBs left over! So imagine how excited I was when I saw that Tide was a part of the promotion get a $10 gift card when you spend $30!

4 Tide $5.94 use $2/1 Q  making them $3.94 each
6 Air Freshners $.99 use $2/2 making them $0

So my total was $29.70 before coupons and this particular store rounded up so I was able to get the giftcard!
My total after coupons was $15.76 which I paid for using ECBs and only paid $.11 + tax! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

How to make your store rewards work for you:

So when I was showing my hubby my pictures from yesterday's shopping trip he wanted to know if i really only paid $4 for all i bought, I tried to explain the formula him then I realized someone else may need this information so here we go!

I went to rite aid and picked up 2 universal remotes, 4 Dove deodorants, and 2 packs of hairbows. 
Here is how I did it:

Transaction #1: 
Remote $5 get $5 back

Transaction #2:
Remote $5 get $5 back: I paid for this remote with the $5 I received from the first transaction so I only had to pay tax

Transaction #3:
2 Deodorants $4 get $2 back wyb 2
1 pack of hair bows $1.99 get $1.99 back
total $5.99; use $5 from previous transaction pay $.99 cash

Transaction #4:
2 Deodorants $4 get $2 back wyb 2
1 pack of hair bows $1.99 get $1.99 back
total $5.99; use $3.99 from previous transaction pay $2 cash
since there are no more transactions I am taking home $3.99 in +Up rewards

so here is the formula:
OOP I spent $7.99 and I still have $3.99 in store rewards so it is recorded as paying $4 for everything!
If you begin with store rewards your OOP would be lower.

Since the key to making your rewards work for you is more transactions, here are a few rules I abide by:
1. no more than 4 transactions per visit
2. if someone is waiting behind me let them checkout before me or between transactions depending on when   
   they arrive
3. be organized and quick
4. always thank the cashier for their kindness and patience~ This means alot to them and even if they are rude 
    my parents always told me to kill em with kindness

Thursday, November 24, 2011

For all the loyal tide fans out there (mommy this is for you!)

Starting Sunday CVS will have their Tide on sale for $5.94; if you still have the $2/1 coupon from P&G (insert or facebook promo) you can score them for $3.94 each. That in and of itself is a good deal for tide but here is where the pot gets hotter: It is part of the $10ECB wyb $30 promotion!!
The $30 is before coupons so here are 2 breakdowns you can do:

Buy 6 jugs of tide (4 in transaction 1 and 2 in transaction 2 per the wording on P&G coupons) total will be $35.64 before coupons! apply 6 of the $2/1 coupons and your OOP drops to $23.64!

CVS tracks your spending so even though you are doing 2 transactions you will still get the $10 ECB

Don't want to pay that much OOP? Do this transaction:
Buy 5 jugs of tide (4 in transaction 1 and 1 in transaction 2 per the wording on P&G coupons)total will be $29.70 before coupons~ It has been my experience that they do not round up so also included in the deal are glade products, so I would pick up a $.99 air freshener, bringing my total to $30.69 before coupons! apply 5 of the $2/1 coupons and your OOP drops to $20.69!

UPDATE: while you're at it pick up 2 of the $.99 Glade products b/c  on the CVS website there is a coupon for $2/2 on ANY glade product! so your OOP would now be $19.70 and you're getting 1 additional product! 

Check out the ad to see other items that are included in the promotion

disclaimer: this ad is from a member of

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Publix Trip 11/10/11

So I have had 2 awesome Publix trips in a row: I didn't take pics and forgot to post about my trip last week (sorry) but here are some of the awesome deals I got this week!

*Cream of chicken & mushroom BOGO $1.33    used $1/5 printable  =$.41 each

*Lucky Charms & Reeses Cereal BOGO $3.99   used $1/2 printable  =$1.50 each

*Domino Sugar $.99 used $.50/2   =$.49 each

*Ore Ida products $3.75 used yellow flyer coupon B2G1F & 3 $1/1 coupons  =$1.50 each

*Philadelphia Cooking Creme 2/$4 used $1/1 Q  =$1 each

*Progresso Broth BOGO $2.59  used 2 $.40/1 coupons  =$.49 each

*Idahoan Potatoes BOGO $1.33 used $1/1 coupon from facebook =3 products for $0 due to overage

*RAINCHECK ITEM*TGIF Single serve entrees BOGO $3.69  used $1/2 yellow flyer coupon & 2 $1/1 coupons =$.35 each

*RAINCHECK ITEM* Valley Fresh Steamers BOGO $2.89  used $.50/2 coupon  =$.95 each

*Ketchup 40 oz  on sale for $1.99 used $1/1 coupon =$.99 each

*Duncan Heinz Chocolate Cake $2.50 each used $1/1 coupon = $1.50

*Rice A Roni 2/$1.45 or $.73 each

*Dawn 24oz $2.49  used Publix stocking spree sheet $1/2 coupon & $.50 P&G= $.99 each

*Pam Spray 2/$5 used $.50/1 coupon  =$1.50 each

Friday, October 28, 2011

Glade Sense & Spray

There is a deal on Glade products starting November 6th. Downfall it requires you to have 4 of the $2 off coupons. 
(i'm working on another deal if you only have 2)
Here is the deal: CVS is having a promotion that if you spend $12 on Glade products you will get $4 ECB
The Sense & Sprays are 2/$6 so if you get 4 and use 4 coupons your OOP will be $4. Making your final cost after ECBs $0!! These could make great Christmas gifts! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Upcoming Deals

*they are having a 3 day sale*
Gold emblem $.99 get $.99 ECB
pumpkin carver $2.49 get $2.49 ECB

Remember the gas card deals? Well now you have your choice of giftcards! Spend $30 on select items and get a $10 gift card! These will make great Christmas gifts!

Starbursts 4/$2 get $1 ECB = 4/$1
to sweeten the deal use 2 of the BOGO coupons that were available this week; total will be 4/$1 and with the $1 ECB back, your total will be FREE!!

Capri Suns 3/$6 
get $1.50 RR making your total price 3/$4.50

Colgate 2/$6
get $4RR; if you have 2 $1 MQs your total will be FREE

Theramax $7.99
get $7.99 RR

Rite Aid
Ziacam $7.99
get $7 +Ups 
total: $.99

EOS shaving cream $2.99
get $2 +Ups
total: $.99

In Ad Q for $2 off Similac can be combined with MQ for $4 off

Did you get your.......

Here is a list of the hottest deals I got this week. Did you get yours? If not go get it!! If you got something not on the list feel free and be encouraged to share what ya got!
1. 2L of Dr. Pepper 10 
FREE product 10/9/2011 SS Insert (exp 11/21/2011)
2. Bayer at Walgreens: use $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Products 9/11/2011 RP stacked with the in ad Q to take the price down to $.01 be sure to get a filler and give the MQ first!
3. Kettle Chips: some people were lucky enough to get a FREE product coupon if not then either go to WAGS or price match at WM: the current sale price is $1.99 combine that with the $1/1 9/25/2011 RP  for a total price of $.99
4. Vicks Vapo Drops: these are at WAGS by the register for $.98 use the $1/1 coupon from the 1st October P&G for a free product!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paper for $.01

IT'S LIKE GETTING IT FOR1¢ after MaxPerks(R) Bonus Rewards^ Officemax(R) 8.5x11 Multiuse Copy Paper, 10-Ream Case. Limit 2. YOU PAY $42.99 - YOU GET $42.98 back in MaxPerks(R) Bonus Rewards^ = 1¢ Shop Now >

Office Max has a program called Max Perks 

With the MaxPerks Rewards program, you’ll get rewarded just for buying the supplies you need for your business or home office.As a member, you’ll earn a $25 reward in your MaxPerks account for every $500 you spend on qualified* purchases. Plus, there’s no limit on how much you can earn throughout the calendar year. Get more information or sign up here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cottonelle Deal~

Yesterday I posted the Cottonelle Deal at Walgreens; well i've been researching different blogs and there is an upcoming RR deal to make it sweeter! 
Effective 10-7-10-30
$5 (everyday price)
$1/1 Walgreen's October Coupon Booklet
use 2 MQs either  $.75/1 MQ or a $.50/1 MQ
get $3 RR wyb 2
price will range from $3.50 for 2 packs - $4 for 2 packs

Saturday, September 24, 2011

October Coupon Booklet

This month has flown by! October is literally right around the corner~ and at Walgreens that means the new coupon booklet is here! It goes into effect with this week's sales! 9/25-10/22

These coupons can be stacked with Manufacturer Coupons and sales for the greatest savings! 

$1/2 General Mills Cereal, 10.9-18oz, Nature Valley Granola Bars, 6pk (5861)
$1/2 Hershey’s Fun or Snack Size Candy, 10.5-11.6 oz or Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, 6 pk (5433)
$1/2 Hostess Donettes 10.5 or 11.25oz, Merita Donuts 12.2oz (5862)
$1/2 Mars Fun Size Candy, 10.23-11.5oz, (5434)
$1/2 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candy 9.9-12.6oz (5444)
$1/2 Mentos Big Bottle Gum 50 pieces, Strawberry Squeeze Big Bottle 4oz (5554)
$1/2 Mentos Up 2 U Gum, 14 pieces (5486)
$1/2 Nestle Fun Size candy, 11.5 0r 12.5oz (5435)
$1/2 Nestle Lil Drums 10 pk (5863)
$1/2 Nice! Instant Oatmeal 10 pk, 1.51oz ea (5576)
$1/2 Orbit Gum, 3pk (5484)
$1/1 Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Candy, 10-12oz (5464)
$1/2 Starburst or Skittles Fun Size candy, 11.18-39.1oz, Wrigley’s Grab Bag, 25.14oz (5436)
$1/1 L’Oreal Cosmetics (5036)
$2/1 L’Oreal RevitaLift Clinical Repair SPF 20, 1oz (5039)
$2/1 Neutrogena Lip or eye Cosmetics (exc. makeup removers) (5042)
20% Off Photo Books, Calendars, 5×7 Folded Cards, Banners and Posters (6190)
$2/2 Clorox Household Cleaners 3.5-32oz or 35 pack wipes (5865)
$1/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 Large or Ultra large rolls (5876)
$1/2 Dixie Napkins 200 pk, Plates 20 or 45 pk or Bowls 24 pk (5873)
$20 Off Philips Portable DVD Player/Digital TV 7in (5879)
$1/1 Purell Hand Sanitizer 8oz (5866)
$1/1 Wexford by Duck Packing Tape, W by Duck Packing Tape, or Walgreens Package Tape 1.88inx38.2 yds ea (5878)
$1/1 Zebra V-301 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen or 2 pk, G-301 Gel Pen, F-301 Ballpoint Pen or M-301 Mechanical Pencil (5877)
Personal Care:
$1/1 Aquaphor Lip Repair Tube .35oz (5001)
$1/1 Dial NutriSkin Lotion 21 oz (5882)
$.50/1 eos Lip Balm .25oz (5000)
$1/1 Kiss or Broadway Nails Kits or Accessories (5885)
$2/1 L’Oreal Age Perfect Cream 1.7 or 2.5 oz or Eye Balm .5oz (5456)
$2/1 L’Oreal go 360 Clean Cleanser 6oz (5457)
$1/1 Shea Moisture Baby Ointment, 4oz, Head-to-Toe Shampoo/Wash or Lotion 12oz (5892)
$2/2 Softsoap Body Wash 15 or 18oz or Bar Soap 4pk (5880)
$1/1 University Medical AcneFree Cleanser, Night Time Repair or Day Time Acne Control Foam 3oz (5992)
$1/1 University Medical AcneFree Mask, 1.7oz, Terminator 1oz, Cleanser 8oz, Gentle Acne Pore Cleanser 3oz (5991)
$3/1 University Medical AcneFree Sensitive Kit, Clear Skin System 1oz, Severe Acne System 11oz (5993)
$3/1 Abreva Cold Sore Relief, Cream or Pump .07oz (5015)
$2/1 AccuFlora Pro-Biotic Acidophilus 60ct (5326)
$1/1 Advil 80-200ct, PM 32-120ct, ThermaCare Wraps 2 or 3 pk (5003)
$1/1 Afrin Nasal Spray .5oz (5012)
$1/1 Airborne 10 or 32ct (5022)
$2/1 Allegra 24 hour Allergy Relief, 15ct., (5005)
$10/1 At Home 12 Panel Drug Test (5376)
$2/1 Bayer Advanced Aspirin 40-100ct (5002)
$2/1 Chloraseptic Spray 1 or 6oz or Lozenges, 15 or 18ct (5016)
$1/1 Clear Eyes .5 or 1oz (5006)
$ 1/1 Clinere Ear Cleaners 10pk (5014)
$1/1 Depend Underwear for Men or Women 6pk (5032)
$4/1 DiabetiDerm Anti-fungal Cream 1.5oz (5372)
$3/1 DiabetiDerm Foot Cream 4oz (5370)
$3/1 DiabetiDerm Hand & Body Lotion 8oz (5371)
$2/1 Dramamine 8 or 12ct (5362)
$3/1 Dulcolax Balance 14 day 8.3oz, Tablets, Liquid Gels 100ct, Suppositories 28pk (5357)
$2/1 First Response Ovulation, Fertility or 3 pk Pregnancy Tests (5359)
$2/1 Hibiclens Skin Cleanser 8oz or Hibistat Antiseptic Wipes 15 pk (5365)
$1/1 Hyland’s Earache Drops 10ml (5013)
$2/1 Hyland’s Leg Cramps Relief 40 or 50 ct, (5363)
$1/1 Mucinex Nasal Spray .75oz (5020)
$2/1 Medline Crutch Accessory Kit (5373)
$2/1 Medline Foam Cushion (5366)
$2/1 Medline Sitz Bath (5375)
$2/1 NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray 1oz, SinuFlo Ready Rinse Nasal Wash, 8oz (5009)
$5/1 NicoDerm CQ Patches 14pk, Nicorette Gum 100 or 110ct, Lozenges 72 or 81ct (5364)
$1/1 One A Day Multivitamins 50 or 100ct (5031)
$10/1 OneTouch Delica Lancing Device (5369)
$30/1 OneTouch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Meter (5367)
$35/1 OneTouch UltraSmart Blood Glucose Meter (5368)
$3/1 Os-Cal 500 Plus Vitamin D 210ct (5361)
$3/1 Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief 6 or 12ct (5225)
$2/1 Phazyme 12ct, Tagamet 30ct, Gaviscon 100ct (5355)
$.50/1 Ricola Cough Drops 19-24ct -Limit 2 per transaction (5021)
$1/1 Robitussin Cough & Cold 8 or 12oz (5018)
$1/1 Robitussin Nasal Relief Tablets 20ct, Cough/Congestion Liquid Caps 16ct (5019)
$2/1 Similasan Ear Drops 10ml or Eye drops .33 oz (5007)
$1/1 Simply Saline 4.25oz (5011)
$2/1 Sundown Supplements 30 to 300 ct (5360)
$1/1 Theraflu 2pk or 12 packets or Triaminic 2pk (5281)
$1/1 Thermalon Sinus Compress (5010)
$2/1 vH Essentials BV Treatment Insert 6pk (5358)
$1/1 Vick’s Nature Fusion 8oz or Caplets 20ct (5017)
$2/1 Waterpik SinuSense Neti Pot Kit (5008)
$2/1 Zantac Acid Reducer 24 or 30ct (5356)
$1/1 Zyrtec 24 hour 12 or 14ct (5004)
Walgreens Brand Items:
$1/1 Wal-Flu or Walgreens PE Severe Cold 6 packets (2170)
$.25/1 Walgreens Chap-Aid Lip Balm .15oz (2154)
$2/1 Walgreens Cold Sore Treatment .07oz (2161)
$4/1 Walgreens Immune Support Plus Probiotic 30ct (2175)
$10/1 Walgreens Instant Ear, Temple or Forehead Thermometer (2171)
$3/1 Walgreens Mucus Relief 60ct Tablets (2169)
$2/1 Walgreens Nasal Strips 30 pk (2159)
$.50/1 Walgreens Oral Relief Spray 6oz (2162)
$15/1 Walgreens Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (2179)
$5/1 Walgreens SmoothLAX 29.9oz (2199)
$1/1 Walgreens TrueTrack Blood Glucose Meter (2177)
$5/1 Walgreens TrueTrack Test Strips 25pk (2178)
$1/1 Walgreens Twin Pk Cold & Flu or Cough Relief 10oz ea (2167)
$.50/1 Walgreens Vapor Inhaler .007oz (2158)
$1/1 Walgreens Vaporizing Chest Rub 3.53oz (2165)
$2/1 Walgreens Vaporizing Steam Liquid 8oz (2157)
$2/1 Walgreens Zinc Cold Therapy Tablets 25ct (2164)
$1/1 Walgreens Zinc Lozenges 18ct (2163)
$1/1 Wal-Tussin 8oz #2168
$5/1 Wal-Zyr or Wal-itin Allergy Relief 300ct (2156)

Friday, September 23, 2011


So I was googling "Girls Night Out" in Atlanta and an event by Shecky's popped up. Well today a fellow blogger posted about all the freebies they give out so of course I sign up!! You can to by following this link this link: It's FREE to join!and if you have a group of girlfriends in need of a night out check and see if they are coming to your city!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walgreens' Round Up

Walgreens Ad Scan

This week at Walgreens I'm excited to get the Nabisco Cookies/Crackers for $.59. These normally run $1 so this will be a good price to grab a few! These are good snacks for children (or adults) when couponing!

These things are FARR: no coupon needed
Balance Bars $1.59 
Zarbee Cough & Sleep Meds $5.99
Remington Azor 5 Blade Razor $4.99
W brand Maxi Pads $2

FARR & Coupons
Colgate Optic 2/$7.98: use 2 $1.50/1 Qs; with the MQs & RR ($6) result in a $1.02 MM
Schick Razor $8.99: use $5 MQ ( with the MQs & RR ($5) result in a $1.01 MM
*use the $4 Schick Refill MQ from this Sunday's inserts $.01 MM
Renu Contact Solution $6.99; use $2 printable; with the MQ & RR ($5) result in a $.01 MM

       Good Deals:

need bags or cups to make Halloween goody bags? This week they are 8/$1

Disney and Nickelodeon Socks $1 (these will make great stocking stuffers)

CVS Coupons to Gather:

Ever wished you had a list of coupons to gather for the upcoming sales? Well here you go!
$2 Renu Solution use this at CVS for FREE solution

$1.50/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 
(9/11 Smart Source) will make for $.50 toothpaste

$5/1 Schick Quattro from (see sidebar) if this is not available check this Sunday's Smart Source for a $4/1 coupon on refills will make for FREE razor or $1 refills

FYI Excedrin 8ct will be FREE after ECBs *no coupon needed*

Friday, September 16, 2011

Walgreens 9/18

Didn't really see anything that caught my attention other than the Blistex deal and the Nighttime cold & cough medicine: both are Free After Register Rewards

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CVS 9/18

Revlon has some of their lip products (See ad for specifics) $6.49 and get $5 ECB (limit 6)

24 pack of CVS brand water $2.22 (limit of 3)

These week CVS is having a 3 day sale: Sunday-Tuesday
      candy corn, autumn mix $.99 get $.99 ECB (limit 1)
      snicker or m&ms fun size 4/$10 get $4ECB wyb 4 making it 4/$6 (limit 1)

7up, Canada Dry, A&W, Sunkist 3/$11 get $3 ECB wyb 3 making them 3/$8 (limit 1)

Spend $15 on Nivea Products and get $5 ECB
     Check the database for coupons to make this deal sweeter!! 

Carmex lotion $4.99 get $2 ECB (limit 1) 
    a few weeks ago there was a printable for $1.50/1 so using that coupon you would pay $3.49 and get $2 ECBs back making your total $1.49! 

Huggies Slip ons are 2/$18 so here is a scenario I worked out:

Buy 3 packs $27
use 3 $3/1 MQ -$9
get 3 packs for $16 get $10 ECB making your total $6 for 3 packs which is awesome!! 

**For babies I don't get the concept but we use these for pullups as we enter the nighttime phase of our potty training and they fit wonderful!  **

CVS Quarterly ECBs

Today was the last day for your OOP amounts to count for the Summer 2011 spending. On October 1st you will receive 2% of your total in the form of ECBs. Also for every 2 presecriptions you will receive 1 ECB. These can be used online or in store.

If you have spent $50 and gotten 4 prescriptions then you will receive $3 ECBs! Wouldn't it be great if the amount was off our totals before coupons!! LOL not complaining b/c it's free money, just a suggesstion!

MAIL CALL (way behind)

So I've been way behind in posting my mail calls!! Sorry! Please let me know what you've been getting~

Here is my Twix coupon from the Pick your Pause game a few weeks ago on Facebook!

Here are my samples of the new Body Fragrance (i think it's by Burberry)

Cute & colorful pads and tampons!

Splenda sample and coupon!

And by far one of the best sample packs I have ever gotten: Dry Shampoo (my mom said the residents in the nursing home can use this), mens body wash and the awesome smelling Sweet Pea lotion. It also came with coupons for all products *found other coupon after picture was taken!

Rock'n with Rite Aid

I named this post in honor of my blog friend Rock'n with Rite Aid! I've been on her page and blog alot to tackle my least favorite or now I can educatedly say most misunderstood drug store. This month I have been getting AWESOME deals at Rite Aid and this week I have not purchased one thing at my comfort zone, favorite store~ Walgreen's. Last week it was the Garnier deal and this week in the midst of my breakdown trying to Facebook my dear friend Rock'n b/c i thought my +UPs were about to expire (I had $20 to use) my phone died and I was left with my arch nemesis.....the Rite Aid sales paper. So I took a deep breath and looked and lo and behold I saw Jesus' finger point while the angels were singing to the Tylenol Precise deal!! Buy $30 worth of certain products, Tylenol Precise $5.99 included, and get $10 back in +UPs. So I sped home (unless I have police friends reading this, if so I meant to put I drove the speed limit home) got my coupon notebook and ran inside my nearest RTA. Now the dilemma was whether or not 5 would be enough. That made my total $29.95 and it did not work so I voided the transaction, went and snagged another one and redid the deal.
So here is the breakdown
6 Tylenol Precise Patches $5.99 (these work AWESOME for my mom who has arthritis which made the deal sweeter b/c I like to buy for a purpose not just to buy!)
2 hand sanitizers $2.00
3 super cute nail polishes for my baby girl $3.00 total (they were marked down 90% each
total $40.94
used 6 $5/1 Tylenol Precise coupons -$30
used $10 +UPs
paid $.94+tax OOP and got $10 +Ups!!