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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Publix this week!

I was so excited when I heard the giftcard deal at Publix was BEFORE coupons! I knew with the coupons I had coming in and the sales going on this would be no problem. Uh.... Got to the register and was $4 short so I snagged some gum, which I of course had a coupon for! So total was $110 *giftcard, giftcard*

After coupons I got it down to $21.49 before tax! If you take into acct that I also have a $10 giftcard its like I spent $11.49!

Disclaimer: my receipt says I saved $164.18. Not sure how but I'm thinking its bc of the special pricing on the birds eye veggies!

24 bags of veggies
2 jugs of juice
10 jars of pickles
40 boxes of pasta
8 pks of gum
4 things of floss

This week's deals!

*so with my internship I'm still adjusting to these late evening shipping trips lol* Good thing is that the hubby & daughter come along so we can spend time together. Between hubby trying to get non coupon, non sale items and daughter throwing tantrums, we get some quality time in lol.

One good thing I have found about shopping the last few hours of the sale is that
*most everything is in stock
*not that many people are shopping
*I'm so tired from internship and so focused on the timeframe I have that I stick solely to my list.

Today we went to Winn Dixie:
Before coupons or card $389.09
After card $232.17
After coupons $136 before taxes
***PLUS*** I got a coupon for a free flu shot!

Here's what I got:
*4 containers of crystal light
*10 cans of biscuits
*6 bottles of salad dressing
*20 cans of chili
*6 cans of almonds
*5 bags of chicken
*18 boxes of totinos pizza rolls
*13 bags of chips
*4 bottles of sunny d
*14 bags of shredded cheese
*2 pks of Porkchops
*1 pack of stew meat
*2 pks of sandwich meat
*5 boxes of toothpaste
*4 toothbrushes
*6 jars of salsa from a previous raincheck!