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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Publix this week!

I was so excited when I heard the giftcard deal at Publix was BEFORE coupons! I knew with the coupons I had coming in and the sales going on this would be no problem. Uh.... Got to the register and was $4 short so I snagged some gum, which I of course had a coupon for! So total was $110 *giftcard, giftcard*

After coupons I got it down to $21.49 before tax! If you take into acct that I also have a $10 giftcard its like I spent $11.49!

Disclaimer: my receipt says I saved $164.18. Not sure how but I'm thinking its bc of the special pricing on the birds eye veggies!

24 bags of veggies
2 jugs of juice
10 jars of pickles
40 boxes of pasta
8 pks of gum
4 things of floss

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