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Monday, June 13, 2011

tips for newbies 1-4

There are many tips and hints for beginners but I began this 
one myself by thinking about what I know now that would have been helpful back then:

  • The sale will come back around!- you don't have to get everything at one time. Sales are on a cycle and will be back around before you know it so get a few now and a few the next time, and the next time!

  • Find a buddy!- I began this coupon journey with a buddy and I am so glad I did. We learned together, we help each other (I used to just shop, scan coupons and go but she was very methodical and knew when we were overcharged even cents. Now i'm more like her and it has truly allowed me to better see my savings)

  • Track all savings!- this should be through pictures (which are fun to look at) and a notebook. Jot down how much things were before coupons and sales and then how much you actually paid out of pocket. This will help you see your savings and also develop a bottom line price. Example I have gotten BBQ sauce free so many times I will probably never pay for it again.

  • There will be down periods!- I remember the first time there were no good sales and I don't normally buy things just to buy them unless I'm donating it, I was crushed b/c I love couponing so much but i've learned to take these times to research more deals and organize my binder as well as enjoy time with my family. You can never have enough family time! So remember there will be down periods due to lack of your interest in what's on sale or even lack of finances. I'm currently unemployed so I can't coupon like I used to but this time will help me appreciate the times coming when I will be able to coupon more!

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