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Friday, June 10, 2011


Hello everyone! I'm so excited to start a new chapter with our K & K team and that is blogging!! I will be able to use this blog to share savings with people who don't have facebook and it will help us as we move toward our ultimate goal of serving Christ through community outreach or maybe I should say serving Christ through couponing!
For those that don't know me I am Katesha Reid: wife, mother, poet, student, friend, Christian, child of God, couponer and many other hats as so many of us are! I do all my couponing ventures with Kayla Burns~ we have grown to be besties and love helping others! In the times we live in we have both always been savy shoppers but were formally introduced to couponing in October of 2010 when we attended a women's show in Birmingham, Alabama where Coupon Queeny ( was speaking. I was floored and amazed. However due to lack of funds didn't start this until January. Contrary to belief you can not take coupons into a store and walk out paying no cash, at least not in Alabama BUT that is my ultimate goal!
The reason we began couponing was not to save money, it was out of necessity. I remember at one point my 2 week grocery budget being $50. As I entered the store with my well thought out list it would hit me ** i also need deodorant, toothpaste, soap, etc. So then i would be over budget and have to rush home to figure out how to revamp my budget and stretch what little food i got. Couponing has been a God send for me and I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped us!

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