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Saturday, August 27, 2011

DaTe NiGhT!!!!

So yesterday my hubby and I had a long anticipated and much needed date night. 

We live in a smaller city so other than dinner and a movie there's really not that much to do but hey we will take what we can get. Of course our date included coupons and deals (hubby expects it now) so here's the breakdown!

We went to a nice dinner at Longhorns. The waitress, who was very nice, forgot the appetizer (OMG you have to try their shrimp & lobster dip! My hubby is not a seafood guy but this has converted him lol) so when we reminded her she apologized and informed us she would take it off our ticket. I was sad b/c i really wanted but her next statement made my day! She said "and I'll get it right out to you!" Woo Hoo we were not only getting our dip but it would be FREE!! Who wouldn't love that! 

Our bank has a reward points program tied to our checking account so we had accumulated enough points to get a $50 gift card. Fellow couponers it was so hard not to get a Walgreen's card lol but i wanted to be fair. So I got a restaurant card. Dinner was $40.94 and I gave a $4 tip so total $44.94; used the gift card and we still have $5.06 left. I plan on reloading the card and saving it for a rainy day! 

Now since we didn't know if the gift card would be here by date night we budgeted $45 total for date night. Which would have allowed us to go to another one of our faves: Logans! (They have an awesome 2/$15 menu!) followed by a matinee movie. Well speaking of movies: remember that $4 deal sprint had a day ago well I got 2 tickets and used them for the late night showing of Final Destination 3D. Tickets to 3D movies are $13 at our local theatre. So I paid $8 for $26 tickets. Yep I'll take that any day! Thanks Sprint!

So out of the $45 we have eaten and watched a movie yet we only spent $8; now being a coupon shopper i had an itch and hubby knew it when I kept talking about the deals i needed to pick up sometime before the week ended lol. We headed to walmart where they were having a "CLEARANCE SALE" my 2 favorite words!! Our daughter needed some new clothes anyway and my sister always taught me to buy out of season, so I got her some summer outfits. We went to the school supply section looking for zip up binders for the giveaways I love to do, well nothing had a price so i took 4 to the counter...$15 uh no, $12 uh no, $5 (insert angels singing and bells going off here) so i snagged one and yes I'll be going back to get more!! Also picked up some binder pencil bags for $.75 and calculators for $1. Also stopped by WAGS and got another Keri Lotion as I have very dry skin and can always use this. ($6.99-$2MQ and get $5 RR back) 

So I enjoyed my hubby! got some good food, great deals and still had a few bucks left over. I would say Date Night August '11 was a success!


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