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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Day @ Walgreens!!!

Today I went to Walgreens for the Crayola markers that were FARR but found many more deals!
I used my free Pantene coupon along with my mom's for a great deal. They have the Pantene products 2/$7 get $2RR. Well I also wanted to price the Herbal Essence since I had a free coupon for a product. Well they were $3 get $1 RR~!!! 
My brother only uses mechanical pencils with grips. Well the BIC 5 pack was not only on sale this week for $.99 (use in ad coupon) there was also a $1 off 2 coupon in the 7/31 inserts. I was able to get 4 packs for $2!!

Walgreens icecream was on sale for $1.29 and the combos my hubby likes were on sale for $1.00 so I got 2 bags of them and a pack of Mondo juice for the children. 
So after using coupons and register rewards earned, my OOP was $4.28

Items I got:
Pantene Shampoo 
Pantene Conditioner
Herbal Essence Moouse
4 packs of BIC mechanical pencils (5 in each pack)
1 pack Mondo juice
2 bags combos (large size)
1 pint icecream
1 pack of almonds

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