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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rock'n with Rite Aid

I named this post in honor of my blog friend Rock'n with Rite Aid! I've been on her page and blog alot to tackle my least favorite or now I can educatedly say most misunderstood drug store. This month I have been getting AWESOME deals at Rite Aid and this week I have not purchased one thing at my comfort zone, favorite store~ Walgreen's. Last week it was the Garnier deal and this week in the midst of my breakdown trying to Facebook my dear friend Rock'n b/c i thought my +UPs were about to expire (I had $20 to use) my phone died and I was left with my arch nemesis.....the Rite Aid sales paper. So I took a deep breath and looked and lo and behold I saw Jesus' finger point while the angels were singing to the Tylenol Precise deal!! Buy $30 worth of certain products, Tylenol Precise $5.99 included, and get $10 back in +UPs. So I sped home (unless I have police friends reading this, if so I meant to put I drove the speed limit home) got my coupon notebook and ran inside my nearest RTA. Now the dilemma was whether or not 5 would be enough. That made my total $29.95 and it did not work so I voided the transaction, went and snagged another one and redid the deal.
So here is the breakdown
6 Tylenol Precise Patches $5.99 (these work AWESOME for my mom who has arthritis which made the deal sweeter b/c I like to buy for a purpose not just to buy!)
2 hand sanitizers $2.00
3 super cute nail polishes for my baby girl $3.00 total (they were marked down 90% each
total $40.94
used 6 $5/1 Tylenol Precise coupons -$30
used $10 +UPs
paid $.94+tax OOP and got $10 +Ups!!


  1. Rock on!!! I love this and appreciate you for it. You rocked an awesome deal.